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Cherry Grrl Interview: The Busy, Beautiful and Bisexual Fay Wolf

from Cherry Grrl: Fresh Picks of Lesbian Entertainment, News & Culture posted February 22nd 2010

Cherry Grrl says, "We are hereby ordering all of our readers to check out the web series Rose By Any Other Name . . . We promise that – after doing so – you will have been entertained by the story and become smitten with one of its stars, Fay Wolf.

Rose (Stephanie Reibel) and Veronica (Fay Wolf) star in FenceSitter Films's webseries "Rose By Any Other Name"Fay plays Veronica – the cool, confident and hilarious best friend of the female lead character (played by Stephanie Reibel). But despite her talents on the screen, this adorable bisexual lady is also a respected singer/songwriter and professional organizer. Here, we learn more about the multi-talented emerging star and how she is balancing her various abilities.

Cherry Grrl (CG): So, we love you in the webseries “Rose By Any Other Name” as Veronica. What has the experience of working on that project been like for you?

Fay Wolf (FW): If you’re looking for a good time, call the “Rose. . ." set. Someone will always be laughing. Kyle, our director, makes sure we’re a very happy bunch. And on a level of activism, it thrills me to no end to be working on something that’s spreading awareness for the bisexual cause.

Cherry Grrl (CG): You play the lesbian best friend to a woman who is realizing that she’s bisexual. The series does a really nice job of presenting people as people and not defined by their sexuality. That said… how do you identify in that area?

Fay Wolf (FW): I am a bisexual woman. I’m cool with “fluid” as well. Open to all, committed to one at a time.

Cherry Grrl (CG): So you feel that lesbian and bisexual women are well represented in the series?

Click Here to read more as Cherry Grrl chats with Fay.

Click to watch the series "Rose By Any Other Name . . . and visit the show’s Facebook Page and follow them on Twitter. To learn more about Fay and her many endeavors, visit her website at, follow her on Twitter and catch some tunes from her new album "Blankets".

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